The 19:17 Project

Fundraiser by Rachel

This fundraiser supports Build a House for Esnati Mtawala ($1400)

$1,270 remaining
$130 raised
10% of $1,400 goal
The project this fundraiser supports is no longer accepting donations. Thank you for your support!

About This Fundraiser


Esnati Mtawala is a 70 year old widow who lives in Malawi, Africa. Her husband died 12 years ago, so she now cares for 7 children on her own. Together we will build a home.

Why is it called The 19:17 Project? It is based off of the Bible verse in Proverbs 19:17 which says, "He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again." (KJV) If fewer than 80 people will donate only $19.17, we will have an entire home built large enough for Esnati and the sweet children she cares for.

Here is my request: That you will give to this cause - $19.17 would be a good start :) - and that you will share this fundraiser with as many people as you can. Please keep us in your prayers, asking the LORD to bless the work of our hands and to strengthen Esnati's heart.

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About Build a House for Esnati Mtawala ($1400)

Esnati is 70 years old.  Her husband died 12 years ago.  She cares for 7 children.

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