How Does It Work?

This is where we tell you exactly how to start a fundraiser!

  1. First, click on "PROJECTS."
  2. Click on "Build a House for __________________."
  3. Click on "Create a fundraiser for this project" below the main picture.
  4. Follow the set up wizard.
  5. Once you have a fundraiser, you are ready to share your fundraiser with the world!



Tips for a successful fundraiser.

  1. Make sure you enter a lot of good information in the "Description" section. This is your chance to tell people why you are doing the fundraiser and why you feel it is important.
  2. A lot of people will have a purpose behind their fundraiser. See below for "Fundraiser Ideas."
  3. It helps to add a profile picture to your account. You can do this by clicking on "MY PROFILE" and then "Edit Profile (as user)."



Fundraiser Ideas

  1. Give up your birthday! Ask people to donate your age in dollars instead of giving you a birthday present. Turning 20? Ask everyone to donate $20! Turning 55? $55! Everyone can do this because everyone has a birthday!
  2. Performance! Is your organization putting on a dance? How about a drama performance? Increase your ticket prices and tell everyone that proceeds will go to building a house!
  3. Hold a Campaign! Do you like to run? Ask people to donate a certain amount for every mile you run. Or maybe you like to hike? Ask them to donate per hour! Or maybe you like to make music? Upload a cover song to YouTube everytime a certain amount is donated.




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