Let's build them a house(for only $800!)

Fundraiser by Georgia

This fundraiser supports COMPLETED Build a House for Eneless Mafuyosi

$780.00 remaining
$20 raised
3% of $800 goal
The project this fundraiser supports is no longer accepting donations. Thank you for your support!

About This Fundraiser

This is the most direct fundraiser I have found to help those in need that are so far away. For just the price of an Ipad you can build this family a home with brick walls and a metal roof. It supports the whole village too. The bricks and roofing are bought from their own communities and many locals volunteer their time to help build it for the widows and orphans in their villages. Please help me with this fundraiser even if it's only $5!! And then Go to the website and choose a family and create your own fundraiser. What a great idea!

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About COMPLETED Build a House for Eneless Mafuyosi

Eneless is 73 years old.  Her husband died in 2008.  She takes care of two girls.

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