FRCS Adopts Mangadzi Katola

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This fundraiser supports Adopt Mangadzi Katola ($29/month)

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About This Fundraiser

Last year, we were blessed to play a small role in the construction of a home for Mangadzi and her family. With a roof safely over their heads, we now hope to adopt this family, both spiritually and financially. In Malawi, Africa, just $29 a month will help provide them with food, medical support, malaria testing, and spiritual resources. No gift is too small. Join us today!

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About Adopt Mangadzi Katola ($29/month)

Mangadzi has a house for her and her 6 children that she supports. Now we're looking for someone to sponsor her well being. $29/month will help her with food, medical expenses, malaria tests, and Biblical education. Thank you for your support!

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