BWWE Build a Home for Elina

Fundraiser by Sabra

This fundraiser supports Build a House for Elina Saidani ($1200)

$1,010 remaining
$190 raised
16% of $1,200 goal

About This Fundraiser

BWWE would like to request your monetary contribution to help build a home for Ms. Elina, a 75-year-old widow caring for five children in Malawi, Africa. Your contribution goes directly to the HOWM Foundation and is tax-deductible. BWWE does NOT receive a dime. Our goal is to raise the money 3 months before Christmas of this year (it takes three months to build a home) so that she and the children can enjoy Christmas as a family under one roof.

It only takes:
$20.00 (Donate bricks)
$45.00 (Give someone a door)
$290.00 (Provide someone a roof)
$1200.00 (Build the home)

Please join me as I help the HOWM foundation with this much-needed project. For more information, please visit

May God bless you as you join us in this needed endeavor.

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About Build a House for Elina Saidani ($1200)

Elina is 75 years old.  She cares for 5 children.

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